Playtesters needed for a local game designer

17 Apr

Interested in helping out a up and coming game? A local game designer needs you! Show support for the local community and help break his game  please share and get the word out for play testers on this post apocalyptic Maryland game. Head on over and sign up today

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

15 Apr

This year we have the opportunity to help with the NOVA opens charity army raffle by painting up a Thunderfire cannon. Happy to be a part of a huge list of talented hobbyist working on this project. To buy tickets for the raffle and find out more info head over here

Adepticon Titanicus

13 Apr

We got the chance to help make a awesome dream a reality by designing and providing some special terrain for a 40k scale titan game at Adepticon this year. Our budyy Dave Taylor has done a great write up on it here

Ironheart Fuel Services

26 Mar

With plenty of time till Adepticon we have finished the test fit stage of our table that will be in the infinity games. Its made up of around 12 of our new kits. We think everyone will want a shot at hunting each other down on this table 

Paint Brush Rack

20 Feb

After a great review over at We’ve converted one of our many custom products into one for our web store. Check out our new Paint Brush Rack $10