Geek Nation Tours

19 Sep

We will be spending the next couple of weeks with the Geek Nation Tours miniatures in the UK trip. Any orders placed during this time will ship when we return, around the 4th. Sorry for the delay.   If you are ever interested in enjoying one of the best ways to do a trip associated […]

HG Wells Little Wars a bit of wargaming history

08 Sep

If you haven’t checked out one of the most old school rule sets out there for wargaming this is worth the read. H.G. Wells Little Wars is coming up on its 100th anniversary as a rules set. Take a few minutes and see what has been inspiring game designers for almost a century

Hive Fleet Behemoth Templates

29 Aug
tyranid templates

After polishing off the spiffy Ultramarine template set for the NOVA Open Chairty army work started on designing a set for the opposing army in the raffle. Hive Fleet Behemoth, having the colors blue and red as opposed to the smurfs blue and white seemed like there wasn’t enough contrast between the sets. So we designed […]

Wreck-Age Box Set

05 Aug

We recently had the opportunity to do some work sculpting terrain, making production molds and cutting tokens for the new starter box for wreck-age!/~/product/category=0&id=38820387 If your looking for some post apoc fun check it out. Its a rich and highly detailed world with a rpg/skirmish table top rules set. Glad we got to help […]