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Clash of Kings

10 Mar
Clash-of-Kings-2016 kings of war

Clash of Kings 2016 kings of war event is just around the corner and we are happy to be joined up with Mantic for the 4th year in a row bringing something special to the players. If you are signed up for the event you will receive one of these event only line of sight […]

Midwest Massacre 2015

01 Jul

We are excited to show off some custom work and swag we just shipped out in support of The Midwest Massacre coming up this month. Details here We are supplying everyone in attendance one of our small power relay kits They will also be getting a set of custom infinity silhouette markers for […]

Laser cut bases

16 Jan

Starting Saturday we will have a selection of low cost generic bases available at Dropzone Games. If you are interested in them please see the display and speak with the staff member on duty. Any size bases and movement trays will be available for order but the ones pictured here will be on hand, they […]

12 New Products Released Today

07 Sep

With the grand opening of Dropzone Games in full swing, our new product lines needed a little extra security, and while nothing beats the personal touch of hired goons, a imperial stormtrooper should do the job. We will have more details about our new products after the weekends madness ends. If your in the area […]