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Kings of War MDF Magic Item & Spell Token Set

02 Feb
Kings of War MDF Magic Item & Spell Token Set

We are happy to release our new Kings of War MDF Magic Item & Spell Token Sets for one of the fastest growing miniature games around Mantic Games’ Kings of War. Our Kings of War MDF Spell Token Set is the perfect way to keep your magic users abilities from being forgotten during the heat of battle. Acrylic […]

Can Fuel Storage 28mm Scale Terrain

21 Jun

With wide walkways, plenty of flat surfaces for models and solid line of site blocking bulk these kits stands out as a interactive part of the board. We have loaded the kits with little industrial details to add depth and style to the kits including engraved signs, bolt heads, grated cat walks and various hatches […]

28mm Scale North African Terrain out NOW!

24 Jun

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new North African terrain line. Originally designed for the “Guns of April”  Napoleon in Egypt game held at AdeptiCon 2014 – where over 60 buildings created an historical representation of urban Alexandria. The development of this line of buildings drew heavily from firsthand visits to various locations through […]

Paint Brush Rack

20 Feb
paint brush stand filled

After a great review over at We’ve converted one of our many custom products into one for our web store. Check out our new Paint Brush Rack $10