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Back from Adepticon!

05 Apr
adepticon charity display top

Thank you to everyone at Adepticon! Too many of you to list that make it such a special event. All the great customers, organizers, fellow industry vendors across the board it is always the highlight of the year. We were involved in so many projects this year barely saw them all. If you placed a […]

Clash of Kings

10 Mar
Clash-of-Kings-2016 kings of war

Clash of Kings 2016 kings of war event is just around the corner and we are happy to be joined up with Mantic for the 4th year in a row bringing something special to the players. If you are signed up for the event you will receive one of these event only line of sight […]

Happy Holidays & Shipping Info

23 Dec

First thanks for making this year a amazing success for Ironheart Artisans! This has been one of our best years yet and we could not have done it without all of you. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family or just relaxing. Please travel safe everyone.   During the next […]

Neo-Tokyo Infinity Table at Adepticon

01 May

These pictures do no justice to this massive infinity table designed by Zachary Christy-Aronson for Adepticon’s infinity tables this year. With a large sunken court yard and playable area under all the elevated roadways this table is just epic. Even the huge tower covered with adverts was complete with playable interiors on each floor. We […]