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Chaos 3″ Portal

10 Mar

While working on a new line of possessed rock bases I whipped up this little 3″ warp portal template. With the new codex option of spawning more troops for a few points this could come in handy. I know I’ll be using one. Thinking of casting them in transparent purple or blue, you could still […]

Fancy Foot Work

06 Mar

Over the next week we will be releasing a few new acrylic templates we whipped up. One is a combi template with a 45 degree fire arc for all the new 40k flyboys. The other, well the other is pretty self explanatory. Both will be available at Dropzone Games and in our web store.   […]

Laser Cut Tournament Terrain

05 Mar

We are working to bring out a line of simple yet effective line of tournament terrain. We are thinking along the lines of the old Photon arenas, basic cover at various heights that implies a rubble city. Mostly so players are playing each other and not the table. Here is a example pic of a […]

To Lase or not to Lase? New Movement Trays!

14 Jan

“Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!” Emperor Palpatine. So here is a peek at our new line of movement trays. Cut from 1/8 board in only two parts. So no trying to glue bits together at the corners or the rear rank falling out the back. The top bit […]

Not Just Sci-fi . . .

11 Jan

So a while back I showed a pic of a giant mystery crate. Well we are about to start churning out some products using what was in that big ass crate. This pic conveys the general feel using our new toy . . .

Back from England

09 Oct

Just recently returned from England and UK games day. Thank you to all the hobbyist I got to meet and hang out with, you all make the trip worth while. See you all again in 2014! A special thank you goes out to Teras at Geek Nation Tours¬†for putting in all the time and work […]

12 New Products Released Today

07 Sep

With the grand opening of Dropzone Games in full swing, our new product lines needed a little extra security, and while nothing beats the personal touch of hired goons, a imperial stormtrooper should do the job. We will have more details about our new products after the weekends madness ends. If your in the area […]

Ironheart Artisans

14 Aug

Its a busy time here at Ironheart, we have a pile of upcoming releases for the next few weeks. They will be for a few different gaming systems so make sure you check back to see what we have added. Right now our products are available at Dropzone Games. We are hard at work on […]