Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower Replica



This Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower Replica is a as faithful as possible reproduction of a 1600 year old artifact found in Germany from the period of Roman occupation. The original tower dates to the 4c CE and was presented as a gift. It bears two Latin texts. The longer text on the front panel commemorates a military defeat of the Picts. The shorter text along the top of the other panels wishes good luck to the recipient, possibly named Felix, of the item.

The LVR-LandesMuseum currently holds the dice tower in its archives and periodically displays it, its measurements are 9.5 x 9.5 cm  and 22.5 cm high. We have tried to keep the proportions as close as possible. Originally made of copper-alloy plate our MDF reproduction captures the hand crafted feel in the design as well as restored certain parts, like the top cones and period correct dolphins. Our Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower Replica’s top panel includes a loose translation of the various Latin outer texts.


We have added a removable dice catch to the design to make the tower a little more convenient to gamers in tight quarters.


This kit is made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from unpainted laser cut 2.5mm MDF and is a multi-part kit that will require assembly. The parts come completely cut and are NOT attached to a sheet that need to be punched out. This kit also includes ornamental bells and rings to attach them. Kit comes unpainted.


More about the original Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower can be found here.

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